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Little Rockers

Age Range: 4 to 6|  Experience Requirement: None

This class focuses on the fundamentals of exercise, basic martial art techniques, how to handle life issues appropriate for this age group, and, of course, fun!

Does your child face any of these challenges?

  • They struggle to maintain control of their movements and may be unintentionally destructive.
  • They find it difficult to focus on a task or to see it through to the end.
  • They have a hard time sharing their belongings and getting along with other kids.

Youth Rockers

Age Range: 7 to13 |  Experience Requirement: None

This class focuses on exercises designed to take you to the athlete level, martial art techniques that lead you on the path to black belt, and how to set realistic goals appropriate for your age. Of course, the classes are designed to be challenging and fun!

Does your child face any of these challenges?

  • They are great kids but they just don’t listen, often being told to do something a hundred times.
  • They’re bright and intelligent, yet have trouble paying attention at home, in school or in any important situation.
  • You struggle to be confident in your abilities & strengths and want a healthy way to decrease stress and anxiety.

Teen/Adult Rockers

Age Range: 14+ |  Experience Requirement: None

This class focuses on fitness and realistic self defense techniques tested through the ages and used in actual combat.The sense of camaraderie you build makes you a part of the kung fu family right away!

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • You want to be able to defend yourself or your family.
  • You struggle to be confident in your abilities & strengths and want a healthy way to decrease stress and anxiety.
  • You want to shed extra pounds and cultivate a positive body image.

Why the St. George Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

Sean Gerry recommends Red Rock Martial Arts

via Google

This is a great studio. The atmosphere is one of growth and encouragement. Master G and his team are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping anyone who is willing to learn. My kids are enrolled and have truly loved it. I will be enrolling soon myself

Matt Riley recommends Red Rock Martial Arts

via Google

Skyler & RRMA have been an incredible studio to work with. My son has been training for several years now and it’s one of the best run businesses I’ve ever seen. Great for kids and adults, I even trained for several months before an injury took me out. Great atmosphere, feeling of community, tons of extracurricular events and activities, RRMA rocks!

Breann Morris recommends Red Rock Martial Arts

via Google

2 years later, still training and still loving Red Rock Martial Arts. My daughter will be eligible to test for her black belt this year at age 10 and my 8 year older son is close behind!
Fun, family friendly and a great learning environment. My kids and I have been training for over 3 years and it has been amazing for fitness as well as lifestyle goals.

katrina kendell recommends Red Rock Martial Arts

via Google

Master Gubler and Mister Vargas are amazing with kids, my 4 year old has thrived in this class. They are always patient and kind to the kids while still maintaining discipline and helping them to follow the rules.
We recently had my daughter's birthday party at Red Rock Martial Arts and they totally exceeded my expectations. The decorations and cake were over the top and fantastic, there were games and music and they even threw in a couple activities she'd requested. My daughter loves going to karate here, I would highly recommend it!

Tami Sillitoe recommends Red Rock Martial Arts

via Google

Red Rock Martial Arts is fantastic! Both my son and daughter love going and learning martial arts from the great instructors that teach here. They both ask to practice martial arts after school, and I especially love the self defense portion of the classes. Master Gubler is great at giving you the tools your child needs to succeed in the form of videos for them to practice on at home. The instructors are great at teaching your child discipline, respect, and other attributes that they need in life! I've watched my little boy go from being goofy during classes to trying his hardest to focus and be serious. My daughter didn't start at the same time, but after six months of watching her brother learn and have a blast, she asked us to sign her up! The classes are a blast and the instructors make up the best games (big red ball!) Also the summer camps are a must! I can't say enough great things about Red Rock Martial Arts, and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Richard shillinglaw recommends Red Rock Martial Arts

via Google

I signed my kids up for karate a few years ago at another location in town. Let's just say, we like Red Rock Martial Arts A LOT better!

Program & Pricing FAQs

My child isn't athletic. Can he/she still participate in martial arts?

Absolutely. Martial arts teaches kids to be coordinated, flexible and strong. Kids who don't naturally have these qualities develop them. Kids who do have these qualities develop them even more.

Are these martial arts classes fun?

Yes! After all, these are children we're dealing with here. And kids love their fun. We do a variety of games and activities that have kids laughing and smiling. We work hard here - but we play just as hard.

What's a good age for a child to start martial arts?

Honestly, practically every age is a good age to start! We have young children, as well as teenagers. We also have specific programs for adults. So no matter what age - we've got you covered.

Can martial arts cause injury?

Because we place such a huge focus on safety and injury prevention, we're proud to say that injuries are very few and far between with our program. In fact, because martial arts gets you in great shape, and makes you strong and flexible, people often see LESS injuries in their lives.

Do you have to be in good shape to take martial arts?

Not at all! In fact, many people use martial arts as a way to get in good shape. They come to us out of shape, and quickly become athletic and limber.

Is martial arts violent?

No! Because self-defense technique is taught in martial arts, it's often thought of as violent. However, the philosophies behind martial arts revolve around peace and harmony. The moves are more of a way to become connected with your body. We teach diplomacy and friendship. However, if a violent situation ever arises in your life, you'll have powerful tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.

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